Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?

We track every clove of garlic, from the fields to our stores

Even if you strive to make healthy decisions throughout your day, it's not always easy to tell what foods are truly good for your body. Even well-known health foods, like fruits and vegetables, can lose some of their nutrients on the way to your grocery store.

Sweet G Garlic makes sure your garlic snacks are made at the peak of their freshness. The bulk of our product comes from Mele Garlic Farm in Holley, New York. Over a quarter of a century they have been producing some of the finest garlic found in western New York. In addition to Mele Farms, we have a small, select group of private growers who supply our operation. This way, you won't lose out on any of garlic's fresh, immune-boosting powers.

If you wish to become part of this select group of custom growers, please contact us via email.

Our snack-able garlic stays healthy through the whole process

Our snack-able garlic stays healthy through the whole process

It takes approximately 700 hours or 30 days to produce this amazing product, which is known as a cook. Sweet G undergoes two different processes known as the Maillard and Caramelization reactions:

  • The Malliard reaction is a very complex process that occurs when the proteins and sugars in the garlic are transformed by heat, which produces new flavors, aromas and colors. The rearranging of amino acids and sugars create the dark color of Sweet G.
  • To further enrich the flavor and darken the color, Sweet G undergoes a caramelization process. Modulating heat along with the introduction of water garlic creates a sweet flavor - hence we have our Sweet G product.

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