I absolutely love garlic & this just makes me love it even more! Came across Sweet G Garlic while visiting Buffalo...I can't wait to go back for more. So strangely delicious. Who would have thought that garlic could taste so chewy and sweet? I always season my dinner with garlic, now I eat it for dessert! I bought the Garlic with Raspberry chocolate

Libby B.

Amazing!!! Literally the best treat. Highly recommend trying the yogurt covered garlic it was so freaking good!! So happy to find them at the South Florida Garlic Fest.

Carly J.

The chocolate garlic was an amazing treat!!! Yes, it sounds strange at first but with your first try, the intense flavor hits you along with the not-to-be discounted texture of this chewy treat. Get some - you're going to love them! #addictionlevel

Cyndi D.

Such a different product and I was pleasantly surprised. Great holiday gift and can become addictive. Try them!

Michael G.

Finally! A healthy snack that tastes great, takes away your hunger and is available in several different flavors. Keep it coming. If only Wegmans would carry things like this.

Daniel S.

This garlic is so good! visited them at the Broadway Market today and was very impressed!!! Yummy!!!!

Jennifer B.

We tried them at the Garlic Fest at the Fox Run Vineyards. they were wonderful. I love garlic but have never had anything like this... I can not wait to order some.

Jen C.

As a Nutritional Therapist, I am always looking for local and dynamically nourishing foods. Sweet G Garlic has not disappointed me! They produce the fun superfood black garlic! This product is a powerhouse for our health! I use it for my own health regimen as well as with clients to support their immune system, blood sugar, and overall health.

Maria A.

Sweet G Garlic is a healthy and tasty snack. I tried the blueberry chocolate at the Binghamton Garlic Fest and was pleasantly surprised!

Marta F.

Exceptional quality. I will be back for more!

Paul D.

I tried sweet garlic for the first time yesterday and I'm obsessed! Thanks for making such a fun cool product!!!

Marisa M.

Met them at the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival and they were so nice and interesting- loved their Sweet G Garlic!!!

Lisa P.

Listen...!!!! This is so good. I tried the raspberry and the original. I would prefer the original (sweet garlic) it's like biting into a date.. delicious! No garlic taste. What a great product. Good luck with this product.

Dave A.

Absolutely delicious! A sweet caramelized earthy tasting snack! Delicious with some ghee on a cracker or just plain!

Eric G.

Just had this at the fox run garlic festival. And its amazing!!!!! Seriously have to try this!

Ryan M.