About Us

Sweet G Garlic is the producer of some of the world’s finest snackable garlic. As a farm-to-table operation, we do everything in-house: we start our process using our New York State grown garlic, then transform it into delicious treats that are packed with nutrients, flavor, and immune-boosting benefits. Our snacks are made with ingredients that are simple and easy to pronounce, so that you can feel good about serving them to your family for both snacktime and dessert. Sweet G treats are also made of superfood components that help your immune system fight off infections. You could say that our snacks are both powerful and delicious!

Our Business

              Sweet G Garlic is an American-owned and operated business based in New York state. As a farm-to-table operation, we are able to provide you with fresh, high-quality products from a source you can feel good about supporting. Our garlic is grown, processed, and packaged in in upstate New York, where the harsh winters and fertile soil create a unique growing environment for our crops. These specific conditions are unparalleled in America, making the garlic and other crops that grow here equally unmatched.

        We do not have our own brick and mortar storefront. Instead, we sell our products online and through local distribution partners (to learn more about our current vendors, or about how to become a partner with us, click here). We also bring samples of our delicious treats all over the country to local garlic festivals: we would love to meet you there, in person! See our Events section on our homepage, or visit us on Facebook to learn about upcoming events near you!  

Our Process

        It's not always easy to tell what foods are truly good for your body: fruits and vegetables can lose some of their nutrients on the way to the grocery store, and “healthy” snacks are often laden with a long list of additives. At Sweet G Garlic, transparency and quality are integral to both our business operations and our products. We strive to provide you with healthy, delicious snacks by using simple ingredients and crafting our treats at the peak of their freshness. 

        We make our treats by transforming our garlic through a slow, natural process that removes the strong garlic odor and brings out the sweetness of the cloves. These processes are known as the Maillard and Caramelization reactions:

  • The Malliard reaction is a very complex process that occurs when the proteins and sugars in the garlic are transformed by heat, which produces new flavors, aromas, and colors. The rearranging of amino acids and sugars creates the dark color of our snackable garlic.
  • The Caramelization reaction involves modulating heat and introducing water to the garlic, which further enriches the flavor and darkens the color. The result is a product known as black garlic, which has a sweet, savoury flavor that is known as Umami (Umami is the flavour sensation that makes us love foods like truffles, mushrooms, parmesan cheese, gravy, meat sauces, caramelised vegetables, Vegemite, and miso soup).


        Sweet G is dedicated to providing delicious, healthy treats that you can eat anytime, anywhere. They are sweet enough to replace your candy cravings, yet full of nutrients and health benefits that you can feel good about. Whether you are on your way to the gym, need a quick snack for your kids, or are simply curled up watching a movie, Sweet G treats are an excellent and versatile choice.

        For further information about our products, process, or your specific order, please contact us by emailing, or by filling out the form on our Contact page here. To place an order for our delicious snacks, visit our online shop here! Thank you for stopping by, and we hope you enjoy our Sweet G Garlic as much as we do!

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