Garlic and Children's Health


        Raising children is one of the most rewarding tasks we can take on in life. However, it is also one of the most difficult, especially when it comes to keeping kids healthy. How do you convince a child to eat more vegetables than ice cream? How do you protect the health of a toddler who puts everything in his or her mouth? And, if your child does get sick, should you give them natural remedies, medicine, or a mixture of both? 

        You should always follow the advice of your child’s pediatrician, especially when it comes to herbal remedies: some supplements can do more harm than good. However, numerous studies have shown that garlic is a natural remedy that is truly effective in improving overall health (just like your grandma told you!). Garlic can boost the immune system by helping cells respond to infections, keep us healthy for longer periods of time, and reduce the effects of the cold and flu (Shang, et. al).  

        Now, giving a child healthy food is often easier said than done. That’s where Sweet G steps in to help! We provide the benefits of garlic in a tasty, bite-sized format that your kids will love, making it a snack you can feel good about giving them.

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