Sweet G vs Garlic Pills

        As discussed in our antioxidants section here, antioxidants are vital for overall health. However, like most nutrients, they aren’t always convenient to incorporate into our diets. This is where Sweet G comes in! Our garlic and dark chocolate are both full of antioxidants, making our snacks a safer (and sweeter!) alternative to antioxidant pills.

        Some people take garlic pills to benefit from garlic’s antioxidant properties. While this is certainly a safer alternative to taking concentrated supplements, garlic pill manufacturers often include other additives in their products. For example, compare the nutritional information of our Original Sweet G (coming soon!) with the nutrition labels of two commercially available garlic pills:


        We are transparent with our labels because it is important to us that you can understand what you are putting into your body. We make it easy for you to get your daily dose of antioxidants by providing them in a delicious, nutritious format. Nutrition shouldn’t be complicated!

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